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Intimate Dining Or Family Style Dining Room Furniture?

dining room furniture offered at National Furniture Liquidators

Sharing a meal over a table is a tradition as old as time. There’s something special and sacred about the time spent with family and friends around a table. That’s why dining room furniture is such an important staple in a home. In El Paso, where family is very important to the culture, it is important to be selective when it comes to dining room furniture. Here are two kinds of dining room furniture and what each can offer your family.

Intimate Dining Room Furniture

This kind of dining furniture refers to small dining room sets – often a small table with four chairs – that are ideal for small eating areas. If your kitchen includes a small space to the side or a breakfast nook, then an intimate dining furniture set is ideal. Intimate dining room furniture is also ideal for everyday eating, when you and your family are getting a quick bite before work or during a short lunch break, for example. Intimate dining furniture is usually very simple and very easy to clean. At National Furniture Liquidators, we have a sizable selection of simple sets that are perfect for small spaces.

Family Dining Room Furnituredining room furniture offered at National Furniture Liquidators

This kind of furniture is just as the name implies – for the family. Dining furniture sets to accommodate family style dining are usually very long and include at least six chairs. You will often find family dining room furniture in formal dining rooms where families host special meals. Unlike the intimate dining sets that can easily fit in a breakfast nook, family dining room furniture can be large and elaborate. While dining room sets are built to be used, the furniture also functions as a decorative piece to complete the look of a formal dining room. National Furniture Liquidators offers many formal dining room sets and we can help you to find the one that fits your formal dining area best.  

Whether you are in El Paso looking for an intimate dining room set or a large family dining room set, we’ve got you covered. Visit National Furniture Liquidators or give us a call today. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect dining room furniture set for your home. Remember, when it comes to price and quality, nobody beats Shorty!