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3 Organizing Hacks for Kids Rooms

shelves in a kid's roomMy child doesn’t have enough toys, said nobody, ever. Nowadays in El Paso, our kids’ rooms are loaded with a variety of toys. Yelling, “Clean up your room,” from the hallway may not be cutting it anymore. If you are overwhelmed by the mess and aren’t sure what to do, we have tips for your kids furniture and room to help get organized!

Choose Adequate Kids Furniture

Even though it may simply be your children’s room, you still need to make sure they have enough furniture to hold all of their belongings. A dresser or drawers is an essential piece of kids furniture. You want to be certain that clothes aren’t piling up because they have nowhere to go. It is also important to choose the right bed. If your toddler is outgrowing their mattress it may be time to move up to a twin sized bed. If your children share a room, choosing a bunk bed can be both fun and space saving.

Organizing Outgrown Clothes and Toys

One of the biggest problems with children’s bedrooms is them outgrowing their toys and clothes. There is a simple hack to deal with this. Place two bins in the kids closet, or if it doesn’t fit, the garage. As soon as you have a stack of clothes they have grown out of place them in the bin. Once the bin is full label it with the correct sizes. From there, you can decide to save them to pass down to younger siblings or donate to a charity. The same method can be used for toys. Just be sure to move the toys out while the kids are away at school! Although, this practice can be taught to older kids to give them a sense of generosity and charity.

Turn Organizational Tools Into Decor

Be sure to look for shelves and organizational tools that are fun and attractive. Otherwise, your children may grown tired of playing in their room, and worse of cleaning up. You can choose kids furniture that is sleek and modern with clean lines, or colorful and fun, depending on your child’s character. Be sure to purchase bookshelves, toy chests and any other bins that will help organize while providing a decorative touch.

Visit Us Today for Kids Furniture

At National Furniture Liquidators, we want to help keep your kid’s room functional and as presentable as they will allow. If you are looking for just the items for your children’s room be sure to visit our showroom. We offer a wide selection of affordable children’s furniture. Contact us today for more info.