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How to Make Your Dining Room Warm and Inviting for the Holiday Season

a large family sitting around the dinner table for a holiday dinnerThe dining room of your home is the center for all things sweet and joyous. It is the vicinity of your home that brings families together, serves homage to delicatessens, and hosts holiday events. The holiday season is quickly approaching and if you want your home to be the “go-to” for feasting and festivities, it’s important to consider how you can spruce up your dining room! Maybe you started decorating your dining room with a matching set you loved, but never took the time to finish. Or you might have begun to fill the space with furniture to manifest the look you were going for but ended up going south. By reassessing the colors, furniture shapes, accessories, and the entire layout, you can provide your dining room with a taste of season’s greetings! We’ve provided some tips to help you achieve a welcoming and inviting dining area for the holidays. 

Soften a Dining Set with a Cozy Rug

If there’s anything that any homeowner should know about the holiday season is that it is a time made for coziness and comfort. If your dining room represents more of a sleek and modern aura, you can throw in a gorgeous rug to provide the area with relief. Rugs are optimal choices as they can fit with almost any style and format of a dining room. 

Incorporate a Couch for Extra Cushion 

In addition to coziness and comfort, people typically utilize dining rooms for games, socializing, and much more. Placing an upholstered piece in your dining room makes it more available for people to enjoy the events that are taking effect. It would be best to purchase a couch or sofa that aligns with your dining table. You want your guests to be able to see and interact comfortably and not feel too low or too high from your dining room table. You can also add a unique touch by installing rustic shelves above the sofa to place holiday decorations and games available and on open display within the room!

Suggest Warmth with Blazing Hues

Christmas colors such as red and green are tied with warm sensations. Your dining room’s furniture does not have to be the brightest hues of red or green. If you are debating on buying a hutch for your dining room area, a maroon-colored piece would be a flawless addition. Not only would the color invoke an inviting atmosphere, but it would achieve the job of complimenting all your decor and home features. You can also try to add some green hues with plates, bowls, and all your dinnerware. Don’t be afraid to be brave by making statements with pops of Christmas and holiday colors. 

Take Advantage of a Sunny Spot with a Window Seat

If sunlight tends to spill quite fairly into your dining room, you might be missing out if you only utilize the room during dinner time! Placing a comfy cushion on a window seat can make a great place for guests to socialize and admire the pour of the sun during the winter season. A window seat is also optimal for kids to slink off to after eating and being with family so that they stay in your sight. 

If you would like to fade the bright sun rays, you could also throw in fabrics and curtains. You can buy soft holiday-like colors, bringing the outdoors in, no matter what the weather may be like. Curtains tend to have a special power of making people feel much more comfortable as they also provide a sense of security. 

Add Character with a Cabinet of Curiosities 

If you’ve ever been to someone’s house with a cabinet full of nifty decorations, you can admit that they are eye-catching and definitely make statements about a home. These cabinets are commonly placed in dining rooms for successfully establishing admirable and welcoming tones. It is also important to ponder on the mood you are going for before filling your cabinet with all kinds of fine china. It is best to choose your stack of decor and not be too organized. It’s okay to have decorations all over the place, it builds character! Don’t forget to add some garland to hang from the top to contribute to the holiday spirit. 

Choose National Furniture Liquidators to Achieve a Dining Room with Spirit!

The holidays are the best time to show off your home, especially all the characteristics that make up your dining room! You can take your dining room to the next level for the winter of 2019 by choosing home essentials from National Furniture Liquidators. Contact us today to learn more about our holiday selection and promotions. 

Finding the Right Dining Room Furniture for Thanksgiving

cozy nordic kitchen in an apartment. thanksgiving and fall concept. 3D renderingThanksgiving is around the corner. Are you hosting this year? If you are, don’t forget about the most important thing…and we don’t mean the turkey; your dining room furniture! If you’re hosting a large party but your current dining room set just isn’t cutting it, head down to National Furniture Liquidators for a new set! We have great deals and beautiful pieces of furniture for you to choose from.

Have Your Pick for Tables and Chairs

Our tables come in a variety of sizes and heights, woods and colors. We have bar-height tables and ones that accommodate a number of people, ranging from two-person roundtables to an eight-person dining table that’s perfect for hosting Thanksgiving dinners. Our selection includes:

  • Bar height and standard height tables
  • Round, square, and rectangular tables
  • Tables with folding leafs and extra chairs
  • Tables that two, four, six, and eight people

Decorating Tips

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without cute fall decorations. These tips can help make your dining room furniture pop this Thanksgiving:


  • Add Table Decorations: From paper tablecloths, you can draw on to candlestick holders made from gourds, there are many ways you can make your table pop. Some of our favorite ideas include adding a Thanksgiving-themed garland throughout the table, using paper tablemats with a “What I’m Thankful For” checklist drawn on, and fake fall leaves used to add some charm to the table.
  • Decorations for the Hutch: The dining room table isn’t the only piece of furniture that you can decorate. Your hutch can be a great piece to do so too. If you have a short hutch, you can add decorations to the top of it. We personally love the white candle look, but another great idea is to use it to share pictures of your loved ones and ancestors. This can really get the conversation going during dinner. For taller hutches, Thanksgiving-themed garland draped around the corners and pulled along the top can do the trick.
  • Wall Decor- As we all know, wall decor goes hand in hand with making our furniture look good. For Thanksgiving, you can really get creative with it, including with corn husk wreaths and fake fall leaves pinned to the walls.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with National Furniture Liquidators!

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving and want dining room furniture that will let you do it right, look no further than National Furniture Liquidators. Visit our showroom today!

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