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Preparing Your Living Room Furniture for the Holidays

living room furniture during with slight Christmas decorationsIf you are expecting guests this Christmas season you are probably scrambling to get your home ready for the holidays. This can include everything from cleaning up, making more space and decorating for the holidays. Here at National Furniture Liquidators, we have a few ideas to help you get your living room furniture and your whole house ready to welcome your friends and family.

Space Saving Living Room Furniture

We all know that having guests over can make the home feel that much more crowded. However, there are a few quick fixes to that problem. A sofa sleeper is a great addition to your living room. You can have a couch fold out to a queen size bed right in the middle of the room. In the morning when the family is awake and ready for fun, the bed will fold right back into a couch.

If you are worried about cumbersome luggage taking up all the space in your living room, our showroom offers a wide variety of attractive chests and end tables to keep your guests belongings organized and out of the way. While most people don’t consider these items for living room furniture, the extra space goes a long way. When your guests have left after the holidays you can use the extra storage for throw blankets or magazines.

Prepare a Guest Room

If you have too many guests to accommodate with just your living room a guest room might be a great option. Be sure to clear out a drawer or two to make the needed space for clothes and belongings. Hanging hooks for coats and scarves will also help keep away the clutter.

Prepare Your Bathroom for the Extra Guests

If you are having a large number of guests it is also important to have adequate accommodations in the restroom. Remember to provide the extra space for toiletries and beauty products. Extra hooks in the bathroom to hang towels is also a great idea. If your bathroom is looking less than glamorous there are plenty of wall hangings to spruce up the small space at our showroom.

Visit Our Showroom Today

At National Furniture Liquidators we offer a great variety of living room furniture and more. We have everything you might need to prepare your home for all your holiday guests. When it comes to creative ideas to making your small space ready for big holiday plans, our showroom staff will be more than happy to help you find what you need. Be sure to contact or visit us today to take advantage of our great Christmas prices! Nobody beats Shorty!