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Room Psychology: Expressing Yourself With Dining Room Furniture

Every room in our home serves a practical purpose or function. The bedroom is where we rest, relax, and wind down after a long day at work. The kitchen is where we cook our meals, prepare the morning coffee, and congregate before a busy day. The living room is where we watch television, relax, and have family time or where friends hang out. The dining room where we have family meals, holiday parties, or intimate conversations with people we love. The right dining room furniture can help you create a better dining experience, a positive atmosphere, and be welcoming and inviting.

Psychologists will tell you that there are clues all over your house and living spaces that say important things about you and who we are. We organize and decorate our homes with furniture, photos, trinkets, or artwork that is important to us. Some might even say it is a window to the subconscious.


When it comes to dining room furniture, there are plenty of options to express yourself and create a room that is inspirational and says something about you. First, you might consider what the main activity is in the room. You might use your dining area as more than just a place to eat, but a half office or workspace that is always occupied. This might affect your decision.  Let’s start with the basics. Most people will choose dining room furniture based on a couple of general styles:


Dining tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each adapts and depends on the shape of your room, the space in your room, and your personal preference. Some common shapes are:


Along with the shape and size of your table, you can have a wide variety of choices in terms of materials. The material used for the table can evoke an entirely different style and mood and will compliment your surrounding decor and furniture differently.

Wood: This is a popular choice and can be used in a traditionally styled table or a modern design. Quality wood will never go out of style as it offers a long-lasting material with rustic qualities.  

Glass: Can have a very elegant look and also be used in a fashionable way. It is an extremely versatile material that can be combined with a variety of different bases.

Marble:  Talk about elegance and bringing a unique quality to your dining room. Marble is a preferred material for countertops and can really shine in the middle of the dining area.

Metal: This is a very hip choice, but is also very durable, stain resistant, and cool to the touch. Gives a dining room a very different vibe.

Go with Style and Price

Finally, you can have a combination of several of these elements and look for a touch of creativity or unique design that will really make your dining room stand out.  

In the end, you want dining room furniture that compliments the rest of your home, says something about you and your style, but is also functional and good quality. The options are truly endless as designs often combine elements and they implement the traditional with modern and new designs. At National Furniture Liquidators , we have a vast array of options that will look great in your home.

Bedroom Furniture to Ask for Christmas This Year

bedroom furnitureIf your bedroom furniture isn’t cutting it for you anymore, you’re in luck! Because Christmas is right around the corner, so now’s the perfect time to ask your sweetie, your parents, or whoever for new bedroom furniture. While they may not be willing to buy you the four-poster bed you’ve always dreamed of, there are certain pieces of furniture and decor that are perfect to ask for for Christmas this year. Check this list out.

1. A New Trunk

Trunks look great at the end of our beds or used as a nightstand beside them. They’re great for extra storage. Plus, many of them are equipped with drawers for extra clothes storage—and who doesn’t need more clothes storage? Personally, we like keeping our winter clothes in ours! That way, they’re ready to whip out the second El Paso decides to grace us with colder weather.

2. An Ottoman/Storage Unit

Ottomans are usually purchased to complete a living room, but they also look great in the bedroom! They’re perfect if you want a window seat, a place for your pet to sleep, or need some extra storage and sitting space in your bedroom. We have a wide variety that’ll look great in the bedroom and the living room, whichever you prefer.

3. A Bigger Dresser

If your dresser is just too small and not cutting it anymore, ask for a newer, bigger one for Christmas! This way you have enough room for your socks, jeans, pajamas, t-shirts, and whatever else you choose to store in yours. Plus, with more drawer space comes more counter space, perfect for placing picture frames, jewelry boxes, and your favorite knickknacks, whatever you need!

4. Decor and More

Bedroom decor is the perfect way to make your bedroom truly yours. From paintings and photos and everything in between, pick out the best of the best in decor and add it to your Christmas wishlist.

5. A New Lamp

Lamps are an odd piece of furniture to replace, and if you’re not wanting to buy one for yourself, add a new lamp to your Christmas wishlist. We carry a variety of lamps and light fixtures for you to choose from!

Bedroom Furniture from National Furniture Liquidators

If you’re looking for new bedroom furniture to ask for for Christmas, check out our selection online! We carry the best of the best in bedroom furniture. Check out our site today!

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