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Turning Your Home Into a Winter Wonderland

Stylish room interior with beautiful Christmas tree and decorative fireplace

Even though Thanksgiving won’t make its grand entrance for another two weeks, this is the time of year when people start to decorate their homes with trinkets and figurines that radiate the Christmas spirit. The COVID-19 pandemic is still very present, meaning people are advised to stay at home as much as possible. This is why the professionals at National Furniture Liquidators Outlet want to help you bring the holiday season to you all while you stay safe in your home! There is so much more to Christmas than going out to experience the cold weather and partake in the shopping sprees. Nothing fulfills the spirit more than spending time at home with your loved ones. With that being said, let’s take a look at some ways you can spruce up your entire home to bring the perfect Christmas to you!

Harvesting Garland 

Nothing that says “Christmas” quite like garland. The best thing about garland is that you can place it almost anywhere in your home. On top of the fireplace, on the stair rail, in your front-door entrance, it makes it feel like you wake up and go to sleep in a winter wonderland every day! 

Bring the Holiday Spirit to Your Dishware 

Red and green are the signature colors of winter. Displaying your seasonal glasses and dishware on your table is a sweet sight everyone can enjoy. By adding a dash of these colors, your kids and loved ones are bound to jump with joy. Goblets, plates, bowls, silverware, now is the time to bring them out! 

Coziness in Every Corner

It can get pretty chilly in the winter, so you’ll want to make sure your family is staying warm no matter where they are in the house! You can throw blankets onto your couches, on beds, and practically any place where you can sit and relax. Coziness is one of the best things about the wintertime, after all!

Christmas Figurines 

Maybe you don’t like to go all out with thick linens or garland. Thankfully, you have options. Plenty of stores and vendors take advantage of the time by displaying and offering their limited time christmas decor! Nutcrackers or snow globes, they are bound to do the trick of bringing Christmas into your home. Even better, they can be placed on tables, counters, and next to the fireplace! 

Coordinating Gift Wrapping

Having gifts under your tree adds a special touch to your home. Through gift wrapping, you can keep the theme of the Christmas decor together! You don’t have to have your wrapped gifts match your decorations to the tee, but by using similar colors, it provides your Christmas tree with an extra effort in being the centerpiece of your home.  

Swap Out the Table Cloth

As we mentioned before, the dining table plays a large role in your home. It is the perfect place to display the time of year. Don’t be afraid to replace the table cloth you usually have with linen that mirrors all things wintery and Christmas-y. You can find these items at stores once the seasons begin to roll in a bit more! 

Play with Several Colors

Sometimes you might feel a bit overwhelmed with so much red and green. We completely understand. You can also opt for other colors such as light blue, silver, and brown (to name a few) if you want to stray from heavy greens and reds. You can also try throwing in a little bit of everything if that’s something you want to experiment with! 

Keep It Sunny with Candles 

With a winter wonderland comes less sunlight. It can feel like something is missing when you don’t have as much sunlight pouring in as usual. If you want to lighten up your home a bit more, try placing some candles around the house to add more spirit and liveliness. You can also look at some special candle holders for an extra touch. 

Sweets For Your Guests 

Sweet treats make the holidays all the sweeter! Whether it involved Hershey’s Kisses, sugar cookies, or other delightful eats, don’t hesitate to use them as a piece of furniture. With a simple and elegant centerpiece on the coffee table, you can place these pastries to show that you’re all about the upcoming holidays. 

Decorate Your Home the Right Way with National Furniture Liquidators 

Come every season, you can trust that we are in stock with the latest trends and furniture. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can supply you with high-quality furniture.

The Power of Furniture: Starting Out the Year in Style

Your environment says a lot about you. That old saying that you are who you hang out with can be very true. After all, human beings are susceptible to influence and the whims of outer forces. The beginning of the year is a time of reflection and renovation about how we want to better our lives and help our family. It’s a time that people throw out the old, remove stressors, and rake in the positive influences. One of the things people can do to improve their state of mind in the new year is redefine their space. One great way to do this is to think about the energy you want your house to have and reimagine the possibilities with great furniture! Let’s take a look at some great ways to do just that. 

What Your Space Says About You and How to Organize Your Life

There has been a lot of talks recently about decluttering one’s home and organizing as a way to improve health and wellness. There is some truth to the fact that having your home be a comfortable and welcoming place will really make a difference in your stress levels. 

The new year is a time when people write down their goals and aspirations for the upcoming 365 days. Everyone wants to turn their life around for the better. We all want to make sure we’re making progress and taking care of ourselves. If you have just moved into a new house or looking for that one piece of furniture to tie the room together, national furniture liquidators can help you find the right piece to balance out your space. After all, even psychologists will assert that your space says something about you and reorganizing, shifting, and renovating your physical environment can have a profound effect on your internal life. 

Improve Living Space Functionality With Sofas and Coffee Tables

You likely spend a good amount of time in the living room or with the family watching some Netflix. These spaces should be arranged in a way that suits your needs depending on the kind of activity. Consider:

Different Sitting Options 

A Recliner Sofa: The act of rocking back and forth has a soothing effect on the body and the nerves. It is often used in therapy as a form of comforting someone in distress. A recliner has a similar effect in that it allows you to lean back and let your body sink into the chair. Add some reclining furniture to your living room or your home office for a bit of private space to read your favorite Stephen King novel or go through the mail, etc.  You can add a recliner set to your whole living room or simply a reclining sectional, or even a reclining loveseat. There is something about leaning back and putting your feet up that spells comfort. 

The Sofa Sleeper: Let’s say you have frequent guests or that friend that frequently visits when they’re in town, adding a sofa sleeper to your living room or guest room is a great way to add versatility to your home. There is nothing better than being able to accommodate††† family and friends in those special days and holidays. These are practical pieces of furniture that can turn a whole room around in a second and add some comfort for you and your guests. 

The Living Room Set:  Maybe you want to start completely over with your living room and purchase a full living room set that will add cohesion and comfort to your living space. We offer a  variety of living room sets that come with everything you need to make sure you have a full set. 

The Coffee Table and Tying the Room Together

Coffee tables were a thing of the Victorian Era. It’s probably not something you’ve considered recently, but yes, this living room accessory was first used to hold coffee’s ultimate historical foe: tea. So they were initially used to hold the dishes and necessary cups for tea and were a little taller than what we consider a coffee table today. So how did it become a coffee table? Some accounts say that they might have been inspired by low Japanese -style tables. Some say that the coffee table really blew up during the mid 20th century during America’s great economic expansion and when people began to spend a lot more in decorating their homes. However it actually happened, we know that the right coffee table can go a long way. 

Here at National Furniture Liquidators, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the kind of coffee table you want to add to your living room set or guest room or reading room. 

You can choose anything from the style from a modern coffee table to a classic wooden table, a contemporary styled shape or maybe a cocktail set that includes three matching and complementing tables. Choose from light wood to dark to one that incorporates a glass middle. Coffee tables can really bring a room together and add some continuity to your living room set and pieces. 

Trust Your Instincts — Start Over With Quality Furniture and Start the Year in Style

The new year is a time to realign our priorities, goals, and the way we want to feel and experience the day-to-day. Organizing your physical environment and space is a great way to bring in the new year. Add comfort, functionality, luxury, style, beauty to your everyday environment and live comfortably at the lowest prices in the region. Nobody beats shorty. Come by National Furniture Liquidators today and find anything and everything you need to make your space beautiful. 


How to Make Your Dining Room Warm and Inviting for the Holiday Season

a large family sitting around the dinner table for a holiday dinnerThe dining room of your home is the center for all things sweet and joyous. It is the vicinity of your home that brings families together, serves homage to delicatessens, and hosts holiday events. The holiday season is quickly approaching and if you want your home to be the “go-to” for feasting and festivities, it’s important to consider how you can spruce up your dining room! Maybe you started decorating your dining room with a matching set you loved, but never took the time to finish. Or you might have begun to fill the space with furniture to manifest the look you were going for but ended up going south. By reassessing the colors, furniture shapes, accessories, and the entire layout, you can provide your dining room with a taste of season’s greetings! We’ve provided some tips to help you achieve a welcoming and inviting dining area for the holidays. 

Soften a Dining Set with a Cozy Rug

If there’s anything that any homeowner should know about the holiday season is that it is a time made for coziness and comfort. If your dining room represents more of a sleek and modern aura, you can throw in a gorgeous rug to provide the area with relief. Rugs are optimal choices as they can fit with almost any style and format of a dining room. 

Incorporate a Couch for Extra Cushion 

In addition to coziness and comfort, people typically utilize dining rooms for games, socializing, and much more. Placing an upholstered piece in your dining room makes it more available for people to enjoy the events that are taking effect. It would be best to purchase a couch or sofa that aligns with your dining table. You want your guests to be able to see and interact comfortably and not feel too low or too high from your dining room table. You can also add a unique touch by installing rustic shelves above the sofa to place holiday decorations and games available and on open display within the room!

Suggest Warmth with Blazing Hues

Christmas colors such as red and green are tied with warm sensations. Your dining room’s furniture does not have to be the brightest hues of red or green. If you are debating on buying a hutch for your dining room area, a maroon-colored piece would be a flawless addition. Not only would the color invoke an inviting atmosphere, but it would achieve the job of complimenting all your decor and home features. You can also try to add some green hues with plates, bowls, and all your dinnerware. Don’t be afraid to be brave by making statements with pops of Christmas and holiday colors. 

Take Advantage of a Sunny Spot with a Window Seat

If sunlight tends to spill quite fairly into your dining room, you might be missing out if you only utilize the room during dinner time! Placing a comfy cushion on a window seat can make a great place for guests to socialize and admire the pour of the sun during the winter season. A window seat is also optimal for kids to slink off to after eating and being with family so that they stay in your sight. 

If you would like to fade the bright sun rays, you could also throw in fabrics and curtains. You can buy soft holiday-like colors, bringing the outdoors in, no matter what the weather may be like. Curtains tend to have a special power of making people feel much more comfortable as they also provide a sense of security. 

Add Character with a Cabinet of Curiosities 

If you’ve ever been to someone’s house with a cabinet full of nifty decorations, you can admit that they are eye-catching and definitely make statements about a home. These cabinets are commonly placed in dining rooms for successfully establishing admirable and welcoming tones. It is also important to ponder on the mood you are going for before filling your cabinet with all kinds of fine china. It is best to choose your stack of decor and not be too organized. It’s okay to have decorations all over the place, it builds character! Don’t forget to add some garland to hang from the top to contribute to the holiday spirit. 

Choose National Furniture Liquidators to Achieve a Dining Room with Spirit!

The holidays are the best time to show off your home, especially all the characteristics that make up your dining room! You can take your dining room to the next level for the winter of 2019 by choosing home essentials from National Furniture Liquidators. Contact us today to learn more about our holiday selection and promotions. 

History of Light: Illuminate Your Home with a Beautiful Lamp

a woman and a child sitting on a couch reading a book while being well-lit by some floor lampsAnd then there was light. And there has been light indeed, for a long time, because since early history, human beings have searched for ways to illuminate their landscape, their paths, and their humble abodes. Life needs light and today, more than ever before, we depend on light and energy to fuel our everyday activities. The history of the lamp goes way back, but the lighting mechanism is much more than a practical addition to the home; it comes with its own aesthetic and stylistic components. 

According to some accounts, the preliminary lamps consisted of hollow rocks, shells, or natural objects that could be soaked with moss, filled with animal fat and ignited. Later on, wicks were added for control. It was around the 7th century BC, when the Greeks began experimenting with some new forms of torches and started making terracotta lamps. In fact, the word lamp is derived from the Greek word “lampas,” which means torch. 

And just like with everything, people continued to improve upon the old designs and experiment with new materials. Light created through an oil-fueled source was part of the next wave of experiments and was used widely throughout the world in religious ceremonies, for homes, and more. 

The Electric Lamp Shade

In the late 19th century, the invention of the electric lamp was in the works as the light bulb came to fruition. In 1801, Sir Humphrey Davy invented the first electric carbon arc lamp. He connected two wires to the battery and attaching a carbon strip to the other side making the carbon glow. The technology was then taken further. This priceless invention has a direct correlation to the invention of the light bulb itself, as it was in the laboratories of Thomas Edison, that the first commercial lamp emerged.  These lamps work by using a physical filament that allows the electricity to light. In 1879, the street lamp was invented by Charles F. Brush. 

Skipping ahead to 1927, a patent for the first fluorescent lamp was submitted followed not long after for a halogen lamp. In the 1970s, companies like General Electric continued to experiment and develop the halogen lamps and make them more convenient and functional. 

Today, a beautiful table lamp can add an impressive element to your living room or bedroom. If you’re looking for a way to illuminate your home with style, consider looking at an array of lamps and see how they can spice up your house. National Furniture Liquidators can help you find the perfect fit for your style. 

How the Right Living Room Can Bring Your Family Together

entertainment centers

Oh, the digital age. It has given us so much but taken so much as well. While we have fast and easy access to all information, business websites, reviews, videos, we have also developed some strange dependence to these devices that take us there. Just look around in any restaurant to see a family sitting together but their eyes and ears glued to the moving pictures and status updates on their own devices. So how does today’s modern family return to an exceptional evening together? We have some ideas. The right entertainment center and living room can be a great solution for today’s modern family woes.

Entertainment Centers — Endless Options for Televisions

Whether you want to go with a wall unit or television stand, choosing the right piece of furniture can help bring the room together and make it more functional.  Any wall unit will have a variety of spaces that allow for your television and additional items. Your wall unit might have a variety of drawers and compartments that allow you to keep your DVD’s, books, video game consoles, and more. There are entertainment centers in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and arrangements.

Even if you have a flat screen television, entertainment centers can still maximize the space, as many of today’s modern furniture is designed with the popular flat screen television in mind. There are even entertainment fireplaces, which include their own personal fireplace to make things even more comfortable and cozy.

TV Stands — A More Minimal Approach

Television stands are a little simpler and minimal. They allow you to place your televisions on top of a table-like piece of furniture that has a lot less space but makes the television more the center of attention.  They also have some additional storage including a few drawers and space.

The Living Room Set Up

For many of today’s families, the living room is the place where everyone gathers around on family movie nights in order to spend an evening together. Looking for the perfect living room can really enhance the space and ensure that everyone is comfortable and has their own space. You can choose to include a reclining sofa or reclining love seat as part of your setup.  Choose a set of smaller sectional couches or big couches that wrap around the entire room. Add a reclining sofa sectional or have it off to the side where dad can do some afternoon reading on his days off. Choose from a variety of materials including polyester. These living room sofas offer utmost comfort in the footrest and headrest.

Find the Right Fit For Your Room and Family

So whether you have three kids or five, a dog, two cats, a parakeet, and maybe one of those adorable little pigs, we have a living room arrangement and entertainment center that can ensure you bring all the family together. There is nothing like a family movie night where everyone can enjoy great entertainment and relax, while remembering what’s important and where the heart of our lives really lies: at home, with family, with the ones we love.


Room Psychology: Expressing Yourself With Dining Room Furniture

Every room in our home serves a practical purpose or function. The bedroom is where we rest, relax, and wind down after a long day at work. The kitchen is where we cook our meals, prepare the morning coffee, and congregate before a busy day. The living room is where we watch television, relax, and have family time or where friends hang out. The dining room where we have family meals, holiday parties, or intimate conversations with people we love. The right dining room furniture can help you create a better dining experience, a positive atmosphere, and be welcoming and inviting.

Psychologists will tell you that there are clues all over your house and living spaces that say important things about you and who we are. We organize and decorate our homes with furniture, photos, trinkets, or artwork that is important to us. Some might even say it is a window to the subconscious.


When it comes to dining room furniture, there are plenty of options to express yourself and create a room that is inspirational and says something about you. First, you might consider what the main activity is in the room. You might use your dining area as more than just a place to eat, but a half office or workspace that is always occupied. This might affect your decision.  Let’s start with the basics. Most people will choose dining room furniture based on a couple of general styles:

  • Traditional: This is for people that want their dining room or experience to have a more traditional feel.
  • Modern: For people that want to see more modern shapes and room decor and might want a more relaxed or chic look.
  • Mix: Maybe you are somewhere in between. You like the traditional with the touch of the modern.


Dining tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each adapts and depends on the shape of your room, the space in your room, and your personal preference. Some common shapes are:

  • Square: This is a great choice for someone with a reduced space, who wants something simple and to the point. It can be very minimalistic, modern, with a touch of the traditional.
  • Rectangular: This shape is the most popular and might be for more traditional dining rooms or for larger spaces that occupy a bigger open space. Maybe suitable for larger dinner parties and families. At the same time, this shape offers a lot of possibilities and can also be used in a modern playful way.
  • Round: This can evoke a more homely simple atmosphere, can be traditional or modern and be large or small.
  • Oval: An oval shape will resemble a roundtable, but will have more elbow room and with a lengthier surface area. It is better suited for bigger spaces.


Along with the shape and size of your table, you can have a wide variety of choices in terms of materials. The material used for the table can evoke an entirely different style and mood and will compliment your surrounding decor and furniture differently.

Wood: This is a popular choice and can be used in a traditionally styled table or a modern design. Quality wood will never go out of style as it offers a long-lasting material with rustic qualities.  

Glass: Can have a very elegant look and also be used in a fashionable way. It is an extremely versatile material that can be combined with a variety of different bases.

Marble:  Talk about elegance and bringing a unique quality to your dining room. Marble is a preferred material for countertops and can really shine in the middle of the dining area.

Metal: This is a very hip choice, but is also very durable, stain resistant, and cool to the touch. Gives a dining room a very different vibe.

Go with Style and Price

Finally, you can have a combination of several of these elements and look for a touch of creativity or unique design that will really make your dining room stand out.  

In the end, you want dining room furniture that compliments the rest of your home, says something about you and your style, but is also functional and good quality. The options are truly endless as designs often combine elements and they implement the traditional with modern and new designs. At National Furniture Liquidators , we have a vast array of options that will look great in your home.

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