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Hosting a Summer Party With the Right Outdoor Furniture


summer party

Summer is here El Paso! If you’re planning an outdoor gathering, it’s time to get your backyard ready. We’ve mapped out the key furniture pieces that will provide your guests with a place to enjoy themselves. So whether you’re planning a small intimate get-together or a large birthday bash with friends and family, your backyard will be ready for the fun.    

Outdoor Dining Tables

When there’s food involved, you definitely want to provide a comfortable place for eating. Sure it’s possible to stand and eat but why not give your guests a table big enough for everyone! An outdoor dining table is the best way to ensure your family and friends can enjoy that T-bone steak you’re going to grill for them or the messy burger that they’ll create from all the topics you’ve laid out.

Fire Pit Chairs

A fire pit is the perfect summer staple. Who doesn’t love a s’more on a hot summer night? If you have a fire pit, consider adding some chairs around it. This way your guests can enjoy the sights of the flames as they catch up with a friend they haven’t seen in a while.  

Outdoor Sectional

To truly bring the party outdoors you’ll want to add a nice outdoor sectional. Creating a living room-esque backyard involves a comfortable sectional with some throw pillows and a large ottoman for support. For full party mode, consider adding a square cocktail table where guests can put down their drinks.

Have Fun With Your Backyard This Summer

Summer is the best time to show off your backyard so why not have as much fun as possible with it. Hang some LED string lights, invest in an outdoor sound system, add some plants, and take your backyard to the level with the furniture and decor. 

National Furniture Liquidators has everything your backyard needs at prices no other furniture store in El Paso can beat. So even if you’ve decided last minute that you want to throw your spouse a surprise birthday party and are rushing to get the backyard ready, we can help you find the perfect pieces and deliver them just in time. 

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Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture from Albuquerque’s Fickle Spring Weather

rainy weather

Spring is almost here, which means winter’s dreary grasp on our city will be leaving soon. With spring, though, comes surprisingly unexpected weather patterns. From strong winds to heavy rains, humidity, and large fluctuations in temperature, the weather becomes quite unpredictable. This can take a toll on any outdoor furniture you may own. These tips, brought to you by National Furniture Liquidators in Albuquerque, can help you better protect your outdoor furniture, so it can last for years to come.

Tip #1: Cover It With a Tarp

This one seems pretty simple. Covering your outdoor furniture with a tarp can protect it from rain and dust, preserving its colors, preventing rust, and preventing the furniture from warping if it’s made of wood. You can usually find tarps at affordable prices at your local hardware or grocery store. This small investment can go a long way in protecting your furniture.

Tip #2: Tie It or Chain it Down

Springtime is known for its intense winds, and so is the city of Albuquerque. Strong winds, much like the ones Albuquerque sees a lot of, can knock furniture over, ding it against walls, and even blow it clear across your yard. Tying down your furniture can help protect it from some of Albuquerque’s windiest days.

Tip #3: Store it During Storms

If you have a good place to store your furniture, it’s a good idea to do so if you know a big storm is coming through. Whether it’s rain, hail, wind, or dust, keeping your furniture in storage during some of the worst times of year in terms of weather can protect it from damage and wear and tear. Even just keeping it on a patio, with a roof over it, can help as well.

Tip #4: Keep It Clean

Outdoor furniture tends to be the dirtiest furniture we own, which makes sense since we literally keep it outdoors. Wiping or hosing it down every now and then to keep it clean can also help protect it. Over time, dirt and dust can cause the furniture to wear down, its paint to fade, and its fabric to become hard and crunch. By cleaning it regularly, you can prolong its lifespan.

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