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What Your Living Room Says About You: In 7 Ways 

For some, a tattoo says what a person is all about. For others, self-reflection can be found right within your own home. Your living room can not only affect how comfortable you feel within your own home, but it can also give your guests and your family members what your life is like. Sometimes we associate so much with our possessions that they begin who we are as individuals! The way you decorate your home is obviously dependent on your taste and preferences, so it’s no surprise that our living spaces can give our guests an idea of who exactly we are. We look at how the characteristics of living room spaces and how your style’s unique features speak about you as a person. 


Furniture, the most obvious of all things that you could find a living room, definitely has an effect on how we present ourselves. We can describe our choices of furniture based on the same adjectives we would use for interior design style: chic, modern, minimalist, and much more. It’s important to find a balance between choosing practically and what exactly satisfies you. It’s easier to pick furniture you look when you describe yourself in ways you would with your own home. 


Color choice, above all, can say plenty about a person. Maybe you like the serene feelings you experience in a room full of blue. Maybe you find yourself ecstatic and excited when you walk into a room full of vibrancy, such as bright hues of red and yellow. Darker tones tend to make a person come across as edgy and more self-assured. Those who choose bright and busy colors tend to be more bold, bold in the sense that they live for the mess—and they’re completely okay with it! 

Focal Point

For most homeowners, the focal point is found wherever the television may be. If this is the case for your living room, it goes to show that you enjoy entertainment the most in this area, especially with your family. If your focal point lands on a table, this can depict that you are more interested in socializing with your family and guests as opposed to indulging in television time. With that being said, the arrangement of your living room furniture can say plenty about its purpose. 


Whether it be artwork, mirrors, or any other kind of wall decor, these items can definitely say plenty about you and how you go about your home life. Some living rooms tend to have more decor or finishing touches as opposed to others. When you have less living room accents, this can show that you are more minimal in style, enjoying the minimalist combination of colors, pieces, and finishing touches. When your living room is a bit more full of accents, this can reflect your interests, especially if you have an admiration for the arts. 

Rugs and Carpets

The thickness, colors, and texture of your carpets can also say a lot about you and your preferences in your living space. Shaggy and thicker rugs can speak on your behalf in regard to the business you attract in your life. Just as we mentioned with colors, some people are attracted to fulfilling schedules and home life. Free-spirited, one could go as far as saying! With a more thin and simple rug, this can show someone’s desire for perfection, keeping things simple so that they can reach their goals. 

Other Textiles 

In some people’s homes, you may notice other textiles such as throw blankets, throw rugs, additional sheets and bedding. This is where comfort comes into play. Especially for those who love to prepare for the winter in advance, some homeowners aim to make their homes feel as comfy and warm as possible with the help of thick blankets and sheets. For individuals who opt for less bedding and sheets, this may be due to the idea to keep space feeling more open and less claustrophobic. 

Personal Artifacts 

There’s nothing that speaks about a strong sense of self more than personal artifacts residing in your own home. One of the first things that your guest may notice when they walk into your home are the pieces of the furniture that speak directly about you. When someone has their personal items in their living room, it goes to show that they have plenty to say and that they have lived their life filled with memories. Additionally, this can show how someone reflects on those memories—by displaying a piece of themselves. 

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Ditch the DIY and Give Discount Furniture a Try

The “do it yourself” fad is still going strong. The television shows make all the artsy projects look so easy. Within half an hour a drab room looks like a cozy country cottage or a hip modern loft. But let’s face it, half of us would end up cutting off a digit or glueing our hands together if we gave it a shot. The truth of the matter is, you don’t have to try that hard to put a good looking room together. Instead, you can fit discount furniture into your budget and get a better look. Here at National Furniture Liquidators we have a few ideas to get you going in the right direction.

Pick a Style

Before you head out to make any big purchases of discount furniture be sure to tack down your style. Don’t set your heart on one specific couch, but instead pick a general look you are going for. For instance, you might like mellow earthy tones and a bohemian look. Or perhaps you like a southwestern look. Whatever the case, get a good idea of what you are going for.

Set Your Priorities

We recommend looking at your budget and deciding what your priority item is for a room. Perhaps you need new flooring, or you really want a set of couches from a discount furniture store. If it is a bedroom you are shopping for, you might decide that a large sleigh bed is a must have. If you choose one large item for the room, it will be much easier to shop for exactly what you want. From there you can buy decor, rugs, end tables and the like with the remainder of your budget.

A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

You’d be surprised what a dramatic difference a little bit of paint makes. You can choose a bright color for an accent wall, or a neutral hue for the whole room. Simply painting a room can really give you the change you’re looking for.

National Furniture Liquidators Has Discount Furniture

Whatever your style may be, we have what you are looking for at National Furniture Liquidators. You don’t have to suffer through DIY projects to have a great looking room on a budget. Whether you need a set of couches or a new bed frame we have something for every budget. We even have the smaller items you need like coffee and end tables. Be sure to visit our showroom today.

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Quality Discount FurnitureCross Island Book Case, offered at National Furniture Liquidators

Surprising your wife with the furniture pieces she’s been wanting for your home shouldn’t put your family into debt. In addition, you shouldn’t blow your entire budget in order to make your home look the way you want. While you don’t want to spend too much, make sure that you don’t buy cheap pieces that will fall apart. The trick to buying good discount furniture is finding a store that carries good quality brands at low prices.

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