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This is How You Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams

kitchenIf you’re looking to cook more and lead a healthier lifestyle, a kitchen that works for you can help you make and stick to your goals. But how do you get the kitchen of your dreams? Well, you keep reading here, of course. At National Furniture Liquidators, we know that furniture is an integral part of what makes a home, a home. These ideas can help you obtain the kitchen of your dreams, making it the perfect room for cooking and keeping up with a healthier lifestyle.

Idea #1: The Right Lighting

No one can cook in the dark. The right lighting will not only look great but provide you with plenty of light for all the lunches, breakfasts, and dinners you’ll be cooking as you work to achieve your health goals.

Idea #2: Shelves for What Your Cabinets Can’t Hold

Sometimes, our kitchens just don’t have the cabinet storage space we need for all of our pots, pans, lids, plastic containers, spices, what have you. Open shelves not only will force you to keep everything organized so that it looks nice but it’ll give you the extra space for all the new cooking supplies you’ll probably need.

Idea #3: China Cabinets/Hutches

If you’d rather keep your items hidden, a good hutch or china cabinet can help. Plus, they look great and fancy and are perfect if your kitchen and dining room are rather big. Luckily, we have a wide selection for you to choose from, so you have options.

Idea #4: Stylish Dining Room Furniture

Not only is it about where you cook but also where you eat, especially when our kitchens and dining rooms are part of one bigger room. Stylish, comfy dining room furniture will provide you with the best place to eat, making even the fanciest of restaurants seem like a scam.

Idea #5: Barstools

Barstools are uber popular right now. Whether you have a kitchen island or a counter-high table you’d like to use your barstools for, they’re the way to go. They’re great for providing extra seating, an extra place to eat your breakfast, or just so you have the counter-high table you’ve always desired.

Visit National Furniture Liquidators Today!

If you’re looking to make the kitchen of your dreams a reality. We have many pieces of furniture, lighting, and decor that can really bring both your kitchen and dining room to life. Don’t wait. Visit our store today so we can help you find the right furniture for your home!

Room Psychology: Expressing Yourself With Dining Room Furniture

Every room in our home serves a practical purpose or function. The bedroom is where we rest, relax, and wind down after a long day at work. The kitchen is where we cook our meals, prepare the morning coffee, and congregate before a busy day. The living room is where we watch television, relax, and have family time or where friends hang out. The dining room where we have family meals, holiday parties, or intimate conversations with people we love. The right dining room furniture can help you create a better dining experience, a positive atmosphere, and be welcoming and inviting.

Psychologists will tell you that there are clues all over your house and living spaces that say important things about you and who we are. We organize and decorate our homes with furniture, photos, trinkets, or artwork that is important to us. Some might even say it is a window to the subconscious.


When it comes to dining room furniture, there are plenty of options to express yourself and create a room that is inspirational and says something about you. First, you might consider what the main activity is in the room. You might use your dining area as more than just a place to eat, but a half office or workspace that is always occupied. This might affect your decision.  Let’s start with the basics. Most people will choose dining room furniture based on a couple of general styles:

  • Traditional: This is for people that want their dining room or experience to have a more traditional feel.
  • Modern: For people that want to see more modern shapes and room decor and might want a more relaxed or chic look.
  • Mix: Maybe you are somewhere in between. You like the traditional with the touch of the modern.


Dining tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each adapts and depends on the shape of your room, the space in your room, and your personal preference. Some common shapes are:

  • Square: This is a great choice for someone with a reduced space, who wants something simple and to the point. It can be very minimalistic, modern, with a touch of the traditional.
  • Rectangular: This shape is the most popular and might be for more traditional dining rooms or for larger spaces that occupy a bigger open space. Maybe suitable for larger dinner parties and families. At the same time, this shape offers a lot of possibilities and can also be used in a modern playful way.
  • Round: This can evoke a more homely simple atmosphere, can be traditional or modern and be large or small.
  • Oval: An oval shape will resemble a roundtable, but will have more elbow room and with a lengthier surface area. It is better suited for bigger spaces.


Along with the shape and size of your table, you can have a wide variety of choices in terms of materials. The material used for the table can evoke an entirely different style and mood and will compliment your surrounding decor and furniture differently.

Wood: This is a popular choice and can be used in a traditionally styled table or a modern design. Quality wood will never go out of style as it offers a long-lasting material with rustic qualities.  

Glass: Can have a very elegant look and also be used in a fashionable way. It is an extremely versatile material that can be combined with a variety of different bases.

Marble:  Talk about elegance and bringing a unique quality to your dining room. Marble is a preferred material for countertops and can really shine in the middle of the dining area.

Metal: This is a very hip choice, but is also very durable, stain resistant, and cool to the touch. Gives a dining room a very different vibe.

Go with Style and Price

Finally, you can have a combination of several of these elements and look for a touch of creativity or unique design that will really make your dining room stand out.  

In the end, you want dining room furniture that compliments the rest of your home, says something about you and your style, but is also functional and good quality. The options are truly endless as designs often combine elements and they implement the traditional with modern and new designs. At National Furniture Liquidators , we have a vast array of options that will look great in your home.

Finding the Right Dining Room Furniture for Thanksgiving

cozy nordic kitchen in an apartment. thanksgiving and fall concept. 3D renderingThanksgiving is around the corner. Are you hosting this year? If you are, don’t forget about the most important thing…and we don’t mean the turkey; your dining room furniture! If you’re hosting a large party but your current dining room set just isn’t cutting it, head down to National Furniture Liquidators for a new set! We have great deals and beautiful pieces of furniture for you to choose from.

Have Your Pick for Tables and Chairs

Our tables come in a variety of sizes and heights, woods and colors. We have bar-height tables and ones that accommodate a number of people, ranging from two-person roundtables to an eight-person dining table that’s perfect for hosting Thanksgiving dinners. Our selection includes:

  • Bar height and standard height tables
  • Round, square, and rectangular tables
  • Tables with folding leafs and extra chairs
  • Tables that two, four, six, and eight people

Decorating Tips

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without cute fall decorations. These tips can help make your dining room furniture pop this Thanksgiving:


  • Add Table Decorations: From paper tablecloths, you can draw on to candlestick holders made from gourds, there are many ways you can make your table pop. Some of our favorite ideas include adding a Thanksgiving-themed garland throughout the table, using paper tablemats with a “What I’m Thankful For” checklist drawn on, and fake fall leaves used to add some charm to the table.
  • Decorations for the Hutch: The dining room table isn’t the only piece of furniture that you can decorate. Your hutch can be a great piece to do so too. If you have a short hutch, you can add decorations to the top of it. We personally love the white candle look, but another great idea is to use it to share pictures of your loved ones and ancestors. This can really get the conversation going during dinner. For taller hutches, Thanksgiving-themed garland draped around the corners and pulled along the top can do the trick.
  • Wall Decor- As we all know, wall decor goes hand in hand with making our furniture look good. For Thanksgiving, you can really get creative with it, including with corn husk wreaths and fake fall leaves pinned to the walls.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with National Furniture Liquidators!

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving and want dining room furniture that will let you do it right, look no further than National Furniture Liquidators. Visit our showroom today!

Creative Dining Room Trends in 2017

photo of beautiful large dining room with blue chairs and light walnut tableYou may not realize it, but you spend a lot of time in your dining room. And oftentimes, you do more than just fine dining. A dining room is a great place for long talks over coffee with your children, board game nights, drinks with old friends, dinners with extended family, homework time, reading late at night after you’ve put the children to sleep. As you can see, the dining room is such an integral part of your home. At National Furniture Liquidators, we have a variety of dining room furniture that can make your dining room the most stylish and comfortable room in your home. Let’s go over some of our favorite trends of 2017 for dining rooms to spark your inspiration.

Mismatching Chairs

The biggest trend for dining room furniture in 2017 is mismatching your dining room chairs. From different kinds of chairs to utilizing stools and benches, this trend shows no signs of stopping. There are a few dos and don’ts of mismatching your chairs, including:


  • Do: Mix and match colors
  • Do: Use color(s), style(s), and era(s) to create a unifying theme
  • Don’t: Mix and match a sleek table with rustic chairs (opt for a rustic or vintage table)
  • Don’t: Use colors that don’t go together well
  • Do: Mix and match in pairs


Updated Lighting Fixtures

The lighting in your dining room is everything and can help to create a unifying theme, ranging from modern and contemporary to vintage and eloquent. Whatever theme you choose, be sure to update the lighting fixtures as well. Plus, many updated fixtures come with different lighting settings. So if you want a brighter light when you’re reading and a dimmer one while drinking wine and catching up with your old girlfriends, you can have it. At National Furniture Liquidators, in addition to sell dining room furniture, we also carry a variety of lighting fixtures for you to choose from.

Mix and Match Patterns

Mix and matching patterns is a trend across multiple boards, including dining room furniture. From the fabric on your chairs to tablecloths, rugs, and curtains, there are plenty of opportunities to add a variety of patterns to your dining room. At National Furniture Liquidators, we sell a variety of rugs, paintings, and more that can help you achieve the mix and matched pattern look.

Nobody Beats Shorty!

If you’re in the market to upgrade your dining room furniture, look no further than National Furniture Liquidators. Stop by our showroom today!

Creative Dining Room Furniture Ideas

dining room furniture in dining roomNothing beats sitting around the dinner table with your family, eating a nice meal and talking about your day except maybe sitting around the dinner table with your family, eating a nice meal and talking about your day in a stylish dining room. National Furniture Liquidators has a wide variety of dining room furniture and decor for you to choose from. Here are some tips for getting creative with your dining room.

Idea #1: Mix and Match Your Chairs

Non-matching furniture is all the rage right now, so why not spice up your dining room furniture by throwing in assorted chairs, benches, and barstools for your dining room table. By doing so, you’ll not only provide enough room for you and your family to sit around and enjoy a meal, but you’ll also do so fashionably. National Furniture Liquidators has a variety of tables and chairs for you to choose from, so you can dine in style.

Idea #2: Step Up Your Barstool Game

If you have a high counter, it’s the perfect spot to set up some barstools for extra dining space. This seating arrangement is perfect for eating snacks, for children and teens to do homework, and for someone to keep you company while in the kitchen. With barstools from our warehouse, you’ll have a cute eating area that doesn’t take up any extra space.

Idea #3: Add an Artsy Tone to Your Dining Room

In addition to furniture, National Furniture Liquidators also offers home decor items like paintings and pictures. Adding paintings to your dining room can really make the room pop and come to life. We have a variety to choose from too, from deep colors to monochromes, you have options!

Idea #4: Creative Lights to Make Your Dining Room Glow

No one enjoys eating in the dark. We have a variety of hanging light pendants that can add style to any dining room. Light pendants are the cherry on top for any dining room furniture set, mix and matched chairs and all.

Idea: #5: Arts and Crafts from Your Kids

No dining room, kitchen, or fridge is complete without your child’s art hanging up. While we can’t sell this in the store, arts and crafts from your kids are a great way to add a homey touch to any room.

Quality Dining Room Furniture from National Furniture Liquidators

When it comes to your dining room furniture. You want nothing but the best. At our furniture store, we have a variety of dining room furniture pieces, including chairs, tables, barstools, and decor for you to choose from. Contact us or visit our store today to learn more!

Find Dining Room Furniture For An Affordable Price

dining room furniture in a modern homeYour dining room is a great place to gather with friends and family for dinner and other social events. Your dining room is a comfortable place to socialize and entertain guests. There are many ways to design your dining room and make it into something unique and one of a kind. You can impress guests with the look and overall style of your dining area. Dining room furniture is something essential to any home. If you are looking for new furniture for your dining room, our team at National Furniture Liquidators, in El Paso, can help you out today. We have an excellent selection of warehouse furniture that you will affordable for you!

Impress Your Guests And Be Prepared

Dining room furniture is very important if you want to have dinner as a family unit and entertain guests. The only way to make sure everyone is comfortable is to make sure you have adequate table room and seating for everyone. This is why many people invest in a large entertainment table or a table with extra leafs to add on. This way you can have a small table for intimate family dinners and a larger table for more social events and parties. Comfortable seating is also important when entertaining. You will want to find great dining chairs that have comfort and cushion in them as well. Dining room furniture can ultimately make or break your social gathering.

China Cabinets And Bars

What else goes in a dining room? A lot of people also choose to put china cabinets in their dining room. These types of cabinets are great for displaying and showing off things such as fine china and other antique or collectible glassware. If you have had things passed down to you and you want to keep them nice, a china cabinet be a great investment piece of dining room furniture. Another thing some people like in their dining room is a bar area where they can display and pour different liquor drinks. This can make your dining room look more classy and sophisticated. Many people enjoy drinks with dinner or after dinner, which is why this is a great piece of entertainment furniture for a dining room.

National Furniture Liquidators Can Assist You

If you are in the El Paso area, our team at National Furniture Liquidators can help you find stylish dining room furniture for a very affordable price. Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Our warehouse has a ton of different varieties of furniture and there is plenty to choose from. We know the importance of having your options when it comes to furniture for your home. If you need any help or advice on what to get based on the style of your home, we can do that for you too. If you would like more information on our current inventory, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to helping you!

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