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The Latest Trends in Furniture and Interior Design 

The year 2020 has been a wild one. Many families have spent more time in their homes than they ever have before. As people become more aware of their homes, they’re doing all that they can to make it a more comfortable and safe space. Some families have installed upgrades, fixed their electrical wiring, and have done more in regard to keeping their place clean. Above all, people have been eager to replace their furniture with new and modern pieces. Feeling lost with where the trends are at? We’re here to help. It’s never too late to start investing in new furniture for your home! We take a look at some of the biggest trends we predict will stick around for years to come. 

Elements of Wood: Rustic Tables 

The rustic trend has been around for a while now and we don’t think it’s finding its way out any time soon. The reason why this is because rustic furniture tends to match with almost all kinds of color schemes and tones. Even more, rustic furniture is perfect for someone who is all about earth tones. Where there is an essence of an earth-like sensation, one can immediately experience relaxation and serenity. 

Curvy Couches and Love Seats 

If rustic isn’t your thing, you might want to opt for a more fun look, which you can achieve with curvy couches. Curvy shapes tend to originate from the ‘70s and in case you haven’t heard, this decade is making a huge comeback. For those who like to reminisce on the times of disco and all things light, rounded furniture is an ideal option. 

Multifunctional Spaces 

The idea of creating rooms to serve multifunctional purposes has risen dramatically since the early months of 2020. People have had to adapt to their homes as their newfound workplaces or centers for learning. With that being said, families are ensuring that their homes contain upgrades that allow spaces to easily transform based on their duties at the moment. Additionally, creating multifunctional spaces has been an easy task thus far. 

Scallop Bookshelves 

Bookshelves have always been in. There’s something about them that feels so city-like. Although, scallop-shaped bookshelves can help a home feel more comfortable and inviting, especially to newer guests. 

Elegant Vanities 

Vanities are the perfect reflection of elegance and class. If you have a spot in your house that feels a bit empty and needs more life, a vanity just might be the trick for you. These additions are best placed in a bedroom. Large dressers and armoires are losing their value and vanities are on the rise in the realm of trending furniture. Even better, they are sold as modern and antique designs! 

Mixed Metals 

This year, we have witnessed a heavy emphasis on mixed metals in home design. In several households, you can expect to see furniture finished with gold, tin, copper, and silver. With so many metals to work with, it can be easy to get carried away. The trick is to add a hint of these metals here and there throughout your house. For example, you could have a coffee table in your living room with a copper finish and add chairs made out of tin in your kitchen for the center island. 

Rattan and Wicker Furniture 

Rattan and wicker furniture is fairly new to the world of interior design. This kind of furniture is inspired by the boho-chic style of home design. If you’re looking for a warm and relaxed atmosphere, this is the way to go. Rattan and wicker furniture often use bamboo-based materials, wood, and traditional shapes. Organic elements are popularly used with rattan and wicker furniture. 

Canopy Beds 

People are taking advantage of the time to relax and kick back in the comfort of their homes as much as possible. Canopy beds have been a popular installation in several households. Canopy beds are becoming more and more popular for providing bedrooms with a serene and luxurious feel. The best thing about them is that you can hang drapes from the canopies, adding extra detail to your bedroom and overall comfort. 

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Finding Worth and Value in Your Old Household Items 

declutter concept on napkinMany homeowners eventually reach a point where specific household items or furniture they once adored no longer hold a status of importance. This is completely okay! It’s human nature to acquire new tastes and sometimes we tend to outgrow items that were near and dear to us. With this in mind, you might be quick to find ways to rid of your old furniture and home accents. This is where you have to pause on your home’s cleanup.

In many cases, homeowners tend to overlook the value of items they own, some that are rather old, and have a reputation as a “collector’s item.” It’s important to really consider what you’re planning on giving away and how much an interested buyer may offer. We discuss some popular home items that might help you earn a little extra cash on the side. Once you’ve cleared your home of old, unwanted furniture, visit National Furniture Liquidators to find beautiful, brand new pieces of furniture to fill your newly acquired space! 


Some people hold these vintage machines close to their hearts, others not so much. Perhaps you have a few old typewriters taking up storage space in the closet or in the cupboard under the stairs. But did you know original typewriters have made a big comeback? It’s true! Typewriters are a hot item for collectors or for those who have a style influenced by retro tastes. Some antique typewriters sell online in the thousands! Depending on the brand of your typewriter, how old it is, and its working condition, you could get this antique off of your hands for a fair amount. 

Perfumes and Colognes

This may seem odd but a handful of perfumes and colognes are being hunted down due to one simple fact: some of them are no longer being manufactured. Believe it or not, there are auctions that are held strictly for perfumes and colognes! If you have an old perfume handed down to you, you may want to do your research and see if yours counts as a valuable item. The material that holds the perfume may also be what people are auctioning for. This knowledge may come in handy if you’re clearing out an older relative’s home or prepping it for an estate sale. 

Retro Video Games 

While you may simply see old video games lying around your house as clutter, there are eager buyers out there looking for these retro classics. Even if these video games no longer work, it is still very likely that you can find someone to take it off your hands for some cash. Old working games can range anywhere from $600 to $2,500 depending on the game, the year it was made, and the console it can be played on. If you find a box full of Saga, Nintendo, or Atari games in your attic, then it might be a good idea to list them on eBay!

Land Deeds 

Land deeds represent significance and status. If you have a land deed, your property may have some history to it you might not even be aware of. These pieces of proof are usually passed down from generation to generation. In fact, they can be considered a family treasure! Land deeds that come from war heroes or veterans tend to be some of the most valuable. With that being said, you may want to scroll through a list of names in your deed, if you happen to find one!

Furniture Made in the 1980s and 1990s

Just as we mentioned with old video games and classic typewriters, antique home decor and old items are admired by many. The newer generations of homeowners seek comfort and nostalgia in furniture that reminds them of their childhood. With that being said, it may be no surprise if you have homeowners asking about your old furniture and providing a number they’re willing to take it for. Once your old furniture has a new home, you’ll be able to fill the space with brand new pieces from National Furniture Liquidators!

Vintage Cookbooks 

It’s important to closely analyze the cookbooks that have been handed down to you. Similar to some perfumes that are no longer manufactured, some cookbooks go out of print, making them even more valuable than ever before. Celebrity chefs are always in demand, especially those who have been in the culinary arts industry for most of their lives. Taking a closer look at the edition and the year of your cookbook can call for a great deal. 

Auto Parts 

Hood ornaments, car vases, and hubcaps are the most collected items when it comes to old car parts due to their decorative purposes. Old cars, especially those made and released in the ‘60s, are in high demand. Even if you only have some parts of an old vehicle, you can easily find someone that will put them to good use and offer a price you can’t pass up. Rare car parts can call up to $2,500.


Magazines, infamous headlines on newspapers, programs, and any items of that sort can be popular printed items. These items gain recognition if they reported or published on big events that occurred in history and pop culture, especially if they were low in stock. They can run for even higher numbers if they are in perfect condition. Even if they are fragile, you can sell rare prints to eager buyers almost anywhere. 

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How to Make Your Home Blend with the Surrounding Landscape

White and wooden furnitureThe state of New Mexico is known for the pueblo and adobe architecture that make up our homes and commercial infrastructure. This building style is very unique and provides homeowners with many ideas regarding furniture and home accents. If you’ve recently moved to New Mexico and have settled on a home, it’s likely that you are enamored with the atmosphere. You might love the New Mexico environment so much, you’ll want to make your home feel like you’re living in the great outdoors! If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips that can help you reach the level you want your home to exceed.

Complement Your Home with Materials Found in Nature 

Many homeowners know that nature is the best way to easily add color and life to your home. If you want to bring the outdoors within your home, it might be best if you look for furniture made out of stone, wood, or metal, as all of these materials have gorgeous textures and hues that are guaranteed to leave an unforgettable impression. You can get even more creative by installing light fixtures made out of these materials or by adding a wood backsplash to your fireplace, for a more natural touch. 

Allow Ample Light to Flow in Each Room 

Anyone who has lived in New Mexico, whether it’s been just a year or their entire life, knows that the sunsets are incomparable. Thanks to the New Mexican architecture, most homes are designed to let the comforting light of the sunset to flow in. It’s without a doubt that natural light within your home is one of the most desired elements in design when it comes to mimicking the environment. It makes sense. Not only does natural light boost one’s moods, but it creates a glow and ambiance for everyone in your home to enjoy. 

A Color Palette that Reflects the Region 

You can play with a color palette in every room of your home, including the kitchen, the living room, even the outdoor patio in your yard! Take a look at the vegetation and the colors that are typically used when constructing homes. If you want your home to be one with nature, all you have to do is choose furniture and accents that reflect these very same colors. Some common hues may consist of rich browns, maroon, turquoise blue, and some hints of red here and there. You can easily achieve this look with the help of your garden as well! 

Design Inviting Outdoor Spaces 

If your home was built with an outdoor patio, you can’t let this go to waste! Even working with your entryway can help bring in the natural elements of New Mexico’s land and climate. You can incorporate an outdoor fireplace or an elegant gazebo in your backyard, to create natural settings where you and your guests can unwind and release yourself into nature. You can also pick and choose from furniture that is made with materials such as bamboo, wood, stone, metal, and glass to recreate the gorgeous elements found in the great outdoors. 

Fence Your Home with Natural Elements 

Believe it or not, the fencing that surrounds your home plays a big role in making the impression that you are in touch with the surrounding environment and landscaping. While more modern homes tend to use pricier materials to achieve their overall look, you can work with this principle by opting for materials you’ll often find in the outdoors or on the exterior of your home. Bamboo, latticework, wood screens, partitions, and pergolas are all wonderful options that can help multiple rooms within your home feel like you are living in the comfort of the outdoors. 

Build Up Instead of Extending Out 

Lastly and most importantly, one of the best ways to allow your home to blend with its natural surroundings is to respect the green space it already has. The more you extend out your home, the more it will take up the natural elements and landscaping. By adding furniture and accents that build your home vertically, you can continue to honor the nature near your own home, and even your guests will notice it! Honoring your outdoor space just as much as your indoor space is essential. 

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Three Rooms that Deserve a Furniture Revamp

a beautiful living room with a white couch and coffee table over a grey rugAs we inch ever closer to summertime, the possibilities for summer cookouts and dinner parties seem to be dwindling more and more. But there’s no need to fret! Now’s as good a time as any to freshen up your home’s interior. Whether it’s your bedroom or living room that needs a bit of sprucing up, National Furniture Liquidators can help. After all, high-quality and affordably priced furniture can make your time indoors all the more pleasant! Let’s go over a few items you should update or add to your home. Once you’ve made up your mind on what pieces of furniture you want, you can visit us to make it a reality! We’re open, Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm and Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm. If you have any questions, simply give us a call. We’re ready to help!

A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Living Room

The living room is where we wind down and relax after a long day. Whether you’re working from home or you’re starting to go into work (or you’ve been at work during the lockdown), the living room still stands as the go-to room where we can escape from reality for a few hours. Whether you spend your time watching television, playing video games, or reading, the living room is the best place to do it all. 

But how organized is your living room? And is it comfortable enough? Perhaps before the lockdown, your living room furniture was simply passable, both in style and comfort, but as you let the fifth season of Survivor start playing and the first rays of dawn begin to weave through your partially closed blinds, you might start to notice that the couch is just a bit uncomfortable or maybe your TV stand is a bit too finicky. These are surefire signs that it’s time to throw out that old hand-me-down couch and replace it with a luxurious, deeply comfortable piece. 

Or maybe you’ve noticed that there’s something missing in your living room. Who doesn’t love kicking up their feet after a long day? Maybe you’ve been using a renegade chair as your footrest for years, but that’s not what chairs are for. There’s a whole subsection of furniture that’s specially designed for you to put your feet up and relax in comfort and style. Adding a nice footrest to your living room can really tie the room together. You can go all out and get a beautifully designed coffee table. If you enjoy eating in front of the television, then you should consider a lift-top coffee table. This option is great since it works as both storage space and, when the mood strikes, you can lift the top up and use it as a table! No more finicky foldable tables.

Now, we’ve gone on a bit about the living room but that’s just simply due to the fact that living rooms are the perfect setting for beautiful and useful furniture pieces. We haven’t even talked about bookshelves or entertainment units, but you can simply visit our store to see what we’re talking about. With enough inspiration, you’ll be able to turn your living room into something out of an interior design magazine!

A Total Dining Room Revamp 

After the living room, the kitchen stands as one of the most important rooms in the house. Whether you’re living alone or with your family, your kitchen is where you create memories on a daily basis. From the moment we wake up and drink that first cup of coffee to that midnight snack, the kitchen is a beacon of comfort and sustenance in our homes. So, if your kitchen and dining room is a bit subpar, furniture-wise, then it’s time to consider a revamp! Imagine replacing your current kitchen table with a more modern option, with matching chairs to really bring everything together. You can also consider adding a beautiful china cabinet to display your vintage plates. Since we carry full sets, you’ll be able to match your dining room to the cabinets. Before long, your home’s most important room will look and feel like it belongs in a 5-Star hotel!

A Home Office Makeover

Although it seems like the stay-at-home order is hopefully at its tail end, it’s still a good idea to make your home office a bit more executive and a little less “spare room with desk.” At National Furniture Liquidators, we’re proud to carry office furniture, including desks, chairs, and storage options. Just imagine trading in that wobbly desk that’s on its last legs, or consider adding a few more storage options and surfaces for your office to be way more organized than ever before! Remember, an organized office equals an organized mind. With the right pieces of furniture, you’ll be able to make your home office much more convenient and aesthetically pleasing than ever before.

National Furniture Liquidators is Here for You

Whether it’s your living room, office, or dining room, you can realize your interior design dreams with National Furniture Liquidator’s help! Take a look at what we have to offer or visit our El Paso showroom to see it all in person. 


Home Health: Cleaning Tips For COVID19

COVID19, also known as the novel coronavirus, is sweeping the globe with wide-ranging health effects for thousands of people. As the virus continues to spread and develop, governments, health professionals, and scientists like epidemiologists are providing support and advice on how to best guard against this new threat.

While there’s plenty of info on how to protect yourself outdoors, there isn’t much info on how to prepare your home. We wanted to deliver that crucial advice and compiled this list of tips for keeping your home healthy and COVID19-free.

COVID19: A Crash Course

COVID19 is a coronavirus, characterized by its spiky outer appearance. The virus primarily attacks the lungs and airways, making it especially dangerous for those with pre-existing respiratory injuries or conditions.

For most, the virus is mild and poses no threat besides a few uncomfortable days of sickness, but society’s most vulnerable are at considerable risk of needing emergency medical attention.

Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Cough (dry being the most common)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Fatigue

The virus will typically last longest on surfaces made of metal and plastic like railings and door handles.

As a result, governments around the globe are implementing emergency measures to slow the spread of the virus, including banning large gatherings, administering thousands of tests, and encouraging isolation. Many people are self-isolating and even working from home to stop the spread.

Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean safe, though, so adhering to the following tips could help you stay safe indoors.

Tips For Home Health During The COVID19 Pandemic

Regularly Clean Your Phone

Your phone is one of the dirtiest surfaces you come into contact with daily. People constantly check their phones, after touching doorknobs, keyboards, and other often-touched surfaces. This makes phones prime real estate for germs.

Many people will also touch their phones after washing their hands, hosting the same germs they just washed off. Thus, it’s important to regularly disinfect your phone to prevent this.

The way you clean your phone should be informed by the way your phone is made. Some phones use oil-resistant coatings on their phones (including iPhones), making harsh cleaning solutions not ideal. For phones like this, a half and half solution of rubbing alcohol and water may do the trick.

Clean & Disinfect High Traffic Surfaces

Like your phone, certain areas of your home are touched a lot, making them high-risk surfaces. Think your fridge handle, doorknobs, TV remotes, and other surfaces. You should put special emphasis on the surfaces that are touched right after coming into the house. That means your front door, counter, keys, etc. Other surfaces to disinfect include:

  • Chairs
  • Bathroom counters
  • Toilets
  • Game controllers
  • Light switches

While the coronavirus does not linger on surfaces for very long, these surfaces may have the highest risk of infecting you or the people living in your home. First, you will want to clean these surfaces with soap, making sure not to miss any spots. Then, simple cleaning tools like disinfectant wipes and spray should be enough to kill the virus. Regularly disinfect these surfaces if possible to reduce the chances of contracting the virus.

Clean Your Clothes Often

While you may be keeping your skin from touching certain surfaces, it’s nearly impossible to keep your clothes from touching surfaces. To combat this, simply clean your clothes regularly, perhaps slightly more often than usual. Regular washing and drying cycles are mostly effective against viruses and bacteria.

Wear A Protective Mask If Coughing Or Sneezing

There is an epidemic of healthy people taking masks, which is making life more difficult for those who are infected or work in healthcare. However, if you are coughing or sneezing, it may be a good idea to use a mask. The mask can help keep the virus from spreading into the air and onto surfaces.

Regularly Disinfect Your Devices

Your devices (laptops, phones, tablets) are likely filthy. It’s estimated that Americans touch their phones over 2500 times a day, which means that many of the germs that we come into contact with every day are transferred onto our phones. To mitigate this, regularly disinfect your phones, tablets, and other devices.

Each device is different, so be sure to consult the manuals of each device to see the best way to clean them. Using the wrong chemicals may damage the screen or other components.

Stay Up To Date With Government Agencies

During the pandemic, it’s extremely important that you stay informed on the latest news coming from trusted news outlets, medical authorities, and government agencies. These entities may announce new information, like financial assistance, new medical advice, or even a vaccine. Do your best to keep up to date with the latest news and updates to the pandemic.

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The World’s Most Expensive Furniture

pininfarina 1.5 million dollar office chair

If you know anything about National Furniture Liquidators, it’s that we have quality furniture at quality prices. We believe furniture shouldn’t have to cost a fortune, but that got us wondering—what is the most expensive furniture you can by? Well, we found some and let’s just say…you may be just as shocked at these prices as we are

1) Pininfarina’s Aresline Xten Office Chair – $1.5 million

Pininfarina is the design company behind some of Ferrari’s most jaw dropping cars. But one day, for whatever reason, they decided they’d try their hand at an office chair. But for $1.5 million, we probably wouldn’t even think about sitting in it.

2)  The Badminton Chest – $36.7 million

Officially the most expensive furniture in the world, the Badminton Chest was designed by thirty different people and took 6 years to be fully built. The craftmanship is top-tier and includes some of the finest precious stones in the world. All for the low, low price of nearly $37 million. We’d call that a bargain!

3)  Solid Gold Stool – $1.3 million

Stools can be uncomfortable after long periods of sitting, but would solid gold make it feel better? Probably not, but sitting on that much money has to feel pretty good, we’d imagine. 

4) Ruijssenaars Magnetic Floating Bed – $1.6 million

So we all had dreams we were floating, but what if you were floating while dreaming? Architect Janjaap Rujissenaar thought it would be a great idea, and built a bed that can float 40 cm off the ground and stay afloat under 900 kg of weight. That’s nearly a ton! You’ll just need about 67 Toyota Camry’s worth of money to afford it.

Furniture for the Regular People

So if those prices seem ridiculous and astronomical, you’re not alone. If you’d like quality furniture without paying the price of a supercar, National Furniture Liquidators is the place for you. Contact us today to get the best deals on the best furniture!

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