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What Millennials Need to Know About Buying Furniture

In simpler times, it seemed that once the kids left the nest, they went out into the world, learning as they went. Although, what can we do to make it easier for those reaching adulthood? Most millennials live with their parents or family until they graduate from college. Then, they’re likely to start looking for a place of their own. It can be quite hard to know right from wrong when you’re out on your own, especially when you’re left without the wisdom and guidance of your parents. Thankfully, you’re not alone! We’re here to provide millennials and young aspiring adults with the advice they need when it comes to furniture shopping. 

Start Small and Humble 

One of the most important things to remember when you’re out hunting for furniture is smart about how you spend your money. Your first time buying furniture definitely won’t be your last. So, set a budget for yourself and try not to get carried away. It is also likely that your taste will change as you get older. You may no longer care for that expensive couch you bought at 24 years old. 

Look at Quality 

In addition to being smart with your choices, look at the furniture that will last you and serve a purpose. Buying furniture isn’t something that might not come easy, so you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth with the furniture you pick. Find durable and comfy furniture that will last you until you find yourself in absolute need of new home essentials. 

Think Long-Term

Similar to considering quality, you have to think about the future when you’re looking to purchase. Be wise about your options. It is good to find furniture that matches all kinds of homes and styles that way. If you don’t want to buy new furniture the next time you move, you most likely will not have to! It is best to choose pieces that will serve you well for years to come. 

Measure Your Living Space 

Above all, one of the biggest mistakes you can make when purchasing furniture is finding great things that simply do not fit your living space. Even worse, furniture warehouses might not even accept returns or refunds. Before you go out to look for furniture, gather the dimensions of your living room, dining room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. You can easily avoid lousy mistakes by taking some time out of your day and measuring your spaces. 

Look for Sustainability

If you’re all about the environment and going green, furniture stores have options made to support your beliefs. Some pieces that respect the environment might even be the more cost-friendly options anyway, so at the end of the day, it’s a win-win! As the years have gone by, it’s become easier to supply environment-friendly pieces, so don’t be afraid to look out for those. 

Invest in Multipurpose Furniture 

We’re living in a time where we have to adapt to different spaces. The room you sleep in might also act as the room you work full-time in. The desk you bought for your computer can also serve as a great piece to hold your television during your off-time. If you have room to shift up your spaces, it is best to find furniture that will support that. 

Incorporate Plants and Greenery 

Having plants in the home is known to help reduce levels of stress. After all, who wants to walk into a home full of negative energy? Even better, having potted plants is one of the best ways to fill up spaces in your home that lack character. Bringing nature into your home is relatively simple and cost-effective as well. 

Look at Furniture In-Person in Addition to Online

Purchasing online might seem like the smartest option, but it might not always work out this way. You may have to wait for the furniture to come in longer than you expected. Even worse, the piece of furniture you bought might not completely include what was promised. This can happen as the communication online can be compromised. Going the extra mile to get a look in person can save you plenty of trouble in the end. 

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10 Signs that Tell You It’s Time for a Mattress Replacement

Have you been tossing and turning for nights on end? Maybe your back has been a pain? These are major signs that you’ve outgrown your mattress. Not only have you outgrown your mattress, but it may also no longer serve as well as it used to! While this is normal, you should never settle for an old and dingy mattress. In fact, you’re supposed to be upgrading and switching out your old mattress for a new one every few years. How exactly can you tell when it’s time to make a replacement? We provide you with everything you need to know with ten indicators!

Sags and Indentations

This is a major sign for those who are in dire need of a new bed. Old mattresses are significant for having one large dip in the bed, where your body probably sinks in and lies in the most. An ideal mattress should be firm and leveled for the most part. If this isn’t the case, it’s time to go out with the old and in with the new.

Stubborn Stains and Odors

However you may get your mattress dirty, it’s normal. No one is perfect, but if you’re having a tough time getting stains and smells out of your mattress, this is a clear sign that it is no good. Some scents and stains are just too tough to work with. While this is unavoidable, you should consider investing in a new mattress.

Bed Bugs

It doesn’t get any more evident than with the bed bugs. The minute you find bugs infesting your mattress, you must throw out the mattress and buy a new one immediately. Bed bug infestations may happen to those who travel the most as it provides bugs with the time to reproduce and take over the mattress.

Bumpy Textures

Similar to deep dips in the bed, you might also notice random bumps on the mattress. This happens to most mattresses, but this does not mean it is ideal to sleep on. This can cause back pain and disturbance while you sleep. Roll your hand over your bed to check for random bumps, especially the areas you sleep on the most.

A Hubspot for Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, it is likely that there is a specific source triggering them. Sometimes, it may be the very mattress you’re sleeping on. A mattress can pick up dust and collect it within the fibers, irritating your allergies. This can also trigger asthma attacks. If you have to tend to your allergies often, it may be time for a new mattress as well.

Too Soft or Too Hard

A good and healthy mattress should not too hard nor soft. In fact, it should be right in the middle, to meet the needs of every kind of sleeper there is. With time, mattresses can become too hard or too soft, which is usually caused by temperatures. Although, these textures can also cause sleep disturbance and back problems.

Inability to Stay Asleep

Getting a good night’s rest is absolutely essential for your health and wellbeing. No mattress should come in the way of that! There are times where you might find yourself having a difficult night falling asleep. This happens to the best of us, but if it starts happening on an occasional basis, you might need to look at your mattress and determine whether it still serves your needs or not.

The Age of Your Mattress

It is recommended that you should replace your mattress every seven years. Once your mattress reaches seven years, this is when it is likely to start breaking down and aging. When you are not using a mattress, it is best to keep it covered to prolong its lifespan.

Excessive Creaking

Creaking can come from the box spring and from the mattress as well. Creaking can become a major nuisance the longer you let your mattress age. Additionally, this may get in the way of a good night’s rest, especially if you are sensitive to noise. You should never let something as small as creaking get between you and your sleep, especially when you can simply upgrade your mattress!

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The Latest Trends in Furniture and Interior Design 

The year 2020 has been a wild one. Many families have spent more time in their homes than they ever have before. As people become more aware of their homes, they’re doing all that they can to make it a more comfortable and safe space. Some families have installed upgrades, fixed their electrical wiring, and have done more in regard to keeping their place clean. Above all, people have been eager to replace their furniture with new and modern pieces. Feeling lost with where the trends are at? We’re here to help. It’s never too late to start investing in new furniture for your home! We take a look at some of the biggest trends we predict will stick around for years to come. 

Elements of Wood: Rustic Tables 

The rustic trend has been around for a while now and we don’t think it’s finding its way out any time soon. The reason why this is because rustic furniture tends to match with almost all kinds of color schemes and tones. Even more, rustic furniture is perfect for someone who is all about earth tones. Where there is an essence of an earth-like sensation, one can immediately experience relaxation and serenity. 

Curvy Couches and Love Seats 

If rustic isn’t your thing, you might want to opt for a more fun look, which you can achieve with curvy couches. Curvy shapes tend to originate from the ‘70s and in case you haven’t heard, this decade is making a huge comeback. For those who like to reminisce on the times of disco and all things light, rounded furniture is an ideal option. 

Multifunctional Spaces 

The idea of creating rooms to serve multifunctional purposes has risen dramatically since the early months of 2020. People have had to adapt to their homes as their newfound workplaces or centers for learning. With that being said, families are ensuring that their homes contain upgrades that allow spaces to easily transform based on their duties at the moment. Additionally, creating multifunctional spaces has been an easy task thus far. 

Scallop Bookshelves 

Bookshelves have always been in. There’s something about them that feels so city-like. Although, scallop-shaped bookshelves can help a home feel more comfortable and inviting, especially to newer guests. 

Elegant Vanities 

Vanities are the perfect reflection of elegance and class. If you have a spot in your house that feels a bit empty and needs more life, a vanity just might be the trick for you. These additions are best placed in a bedroom. Large dressers and armoires are losing their value and vanities are on the rise in the realm of trending furniture. Even better, they are sold as modern and antique designs! 

Mixed Metals 

This year, we have witnessed a heavy emphasis on mixed metals in home design. In several households, you can expect to see furniture finished with gold, tin, copper, and silver. With so many metals to work with, it can be easy to get carried away. The trick is to add a hint of these metals here and there throughout your house. For example, you could have a coffee table in your living room with a copper finish and add chairs made out of tin in your kitchen for the center island. 

Rattan and Wicker Furniture 

Rattan and wicker furniture is fairly new to the world of interior design. This kind of furniture is inspired by the boho-chic style of home design. If you’re looking for a warm and relaxed atmosphere, this is the way to go. Rattan and wicker furniture often use bamboo-based materials, wood, and traditional shapes. Organic elements are popularly used with rattan and wicker furniture. 

Canopy Beds 

People are taking advantage of the time to relax and kick back in the comfort of their homes as much as possible. Canopy beds have been a popular installation in several households. Canopy beds are becoming more and more popular for providing bedrooms with a serene and luxurious feel. The best thing about them is that you can hang drapes from the canopies, adding extra detail to your bedroom and overall comfort. 

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Turning Your Home Into a Winter Wonderland

Stylish room interior with beautiful Christmas tree and decorative fireplace

Even though Thanksgiving won’t make its grand entrance for another two weeks, this is the time of year when people start to decorate their homes with trinkets and figurines that radiate the Christmas spirit. The COVID-19 pandemic is still very present, meaning people are advised to stay at home as much as possible. This is why the professionals at National Furniture Liquidators Outlet want to help you bring the holiday season to you all while you stay safe in your home! There is so much more to Christmas than going out to experience the cold weather and partake in the shopping sprees. Nothing fulfills the spirit more than spending time at home with your loved ones. With that being said, let’s take a look at some ways you can spruce up your entire home to bring the perfect Christmas to you!

Harvesting Garland 

Nothing that says “Christmas” quite like garland. The best thing about garland is that you can place it almost anywhere in your home. On top of the fireplace, on the stair rail, in your front-door entrance, it makes it feel like you wake up and go to sleep in a winter wonderland every day! 

Bring the Holiday Spirit to Your Dishware 

Red and green are the signature colors of winter. Displaying your seasonal glasses and dishware on your table is a sweet sight everyone can enjoy. By adding a dash of these colors, your kids and loved ones are bound to jump with joy. Goblets, plates, bowls, silverware, now is the time to bring them out! 

Coziness in Every Corner

It can get pretty chilly in the winter, so you’ll want to make sure your family is staying warm no matter where they are in the house! You can throw blankets onto your couches, on beds, and practically any place where you can sit and relax. Coziness is one of the best things about the wintertime, after all!

Christmas Figurines 

Maybe you don’t like to go all out with thick linens or garland. Thankfully, you have options. Plenty of stores and vendors take advantage of the time by displaying and offering their limited time christmas decor! Nutcrackers or snow globes, they are bound to do the trick of bringing Christmas into your home. Even better, they can be placed on tables, counters, and next to the fireplace! 

Coordinating Gift Wrapping

Having gifts under your tree adds a special touch to your home. Through gift wrapping, you can keep the theme of the Christmas decor together! You don’t have to have your wrapped gifts match your decorations to the tee, but by using similar colors, it provides your Christmas tree with an extra effort in being the centerpiece of your home.  

Swap Out the Table Cloth

As we mentioned before, the dining table plays a large role in your home. It is the perfect place to display the time of year. Don’t be afraid to replace the table cloth you usually have with linen that mirrors all things wintery and Christmas-y. You can find these items at stores once the seasons begin to roll in a bit more! 

Play with Several Colors

Sometimes you might feel a bit overwhelmed with so much red and green. We completely understand. You can also opt for other colors such as light blue, silver, and brown (to name a few) if you want to stray from heavy greens and reds. You can also try throwing in a little bit of everything if that’s something you want to experiment with! 

Keep It Sunny with Candles 

With a winter wonderland comes less sunlight. It can feel like something is missing when you don’t have as much sunlight pouring in as usual. If you want to lighten up your home a bit more, try placing some candles around the house to add more spirit and liveliness. You can also look at some special candle holders for an extra touch. 

Sweets For Your Guests 

Sweet treats make the holidays all the sweeter! Whether it involved Hershey’s Kisses, sugar cookies, or other delightful eats, don’t hesitate to use them as a piece of furniture. With a simple and elegant centerpiece on the coffee table, you can place these pastries to show that you’re all about the upcoming holidays. 

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Finding Worth and Value in Your Old Household Items 

declutter concept on napkinMany homeowners eventually reach a point where specific household items or furniture they once adored no longer hold a status of importance. This is completely okay! It’s human nature to acquire new tastes and sometimes we tend to outgrow items that were near and dear to us. With this in mind, you might be quick to find ways to rid of your old furniture and home accents. This is where you have to pause on your home’s cleanup.

In many cases, homeowners tend to overlook the value of items they own, some that are rather old, and have a reputation as a “collector’s item.” It’s important to really consider what you’re planning on giving away and how much an interested buyer may offer. We discuss some popular home items that might help you earn a little extra cash on the side. Once you’ve cleared your home of old, unwanted furniture, visit National Furniture Liquidators to find beautiful, brand new pieces of furniture to fill your newly acquired space! 


Some people hold these vintage machines close to their hearts, others not so much. Perhaps you have a few old typewriters taking up storage space in the closet or in the cupboard under the stairs. But did you know original typewriters have made a big comeback? It’s true! Typewriters are a hot item for collectors or for those who have a style influenced by retro tastes. Some antique typewriters sell online in the thousands! Depending on the brand of your typewriter, how old it is, and its working condition, you could get this antique off of your hands for a fair amount. 

Perfumes and Colognes

This may seem odd but a handful of perfumes and colognes are being hunted down due to one simple fact: some of them are no longer being manufactured. Believe it or not, there are auctions that are held strictly for perfumes and colognes! If you have an old perfume handed down to you, you may want to do your research and see if yours counts as a valuable item. The material that holds the perfume may also be what people are auctioning for. This knowledge may come in handy if you’re clearing out an older relative’s home or prepping it for an estate sale. 

Retro Video Games 

While you may simply see old video games lying around your house as clutter, there are eager buyers out there looking for these retro classics. Even if these video games no longer work, it is still very likely that you can find someone to take it off your hands for some cash. Old working games can range anywhere from $600 to $2,500 depending on the game, the year it was made, and the console it can be played on. If you find a box full of Saga, Nintendo, or Atari games in your attic, then it might be a good idea to list them on eBay!

Land Deeds 

Land deeds represent significance and status. If you have a land deed, your property may have some history to it you might not even be aware of. These pieces of proof are usually passed down from generation to generation. In fact, they can be considered a family treasure! Land deeds that come from war heroes or veterans tend to be some of the most valuable. With that being said, you may want to scroll through a list of names in your deed, if you happen to find one!

Furniture Made in the 1980s and 1990s

Just as we mentioned with old video games and classic typewriters, antique home decor and old items are admired by many. The newer generations of homeowners seek comfort and nostalgia in furniture that reminds them of their childhood. With that being said, it may be no surprise if you have homeowners asking about your old furniture and providing a number they’re willing to take it for. Once your old furniture has a new home, you’ll be able to fill the space with brand new pieces from National Furniture Liquidators!

Vintage Cookbooks 

It’s important to closely analyze the cookbooks that have been handed down to you. Similar to some perfumes that are no longer manufactured, some cookbooks go out of print, making them even more valuable than ever before. Celebrity chefs are always in demand, especially those who have been in the culinary arts industry for most of their lives. Taking a closer look at the edition and the year of your cookbook can call for a great deal. 

Auto Parts 

Hood ornaments, car vases, and hubcaps are the most collected items when it comes to old car parts due to their decorative purposes. Old cars, especially those made and released in the ‘60s, are in high demand. Even if you only have some parts of an old vehicle, you can easily find someone that will put them to good use and offer a price you can’t pass up. Rare car parts can call up to $2,500.


Magazines, infamous headlines on newspapers, programs, and any items of that sort can be popular printed items. These items gain recognition if they reported or published on big events that occurred in history and pop culture, especially if they were low in stock. They can run for even higher numbers if they are in perfect condition. Even if they are fragile, you can sell rare prints to eager buyers almost anywhere. 

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What Your Living Room Says About You: In 7 Ways 

For some, a tattoo says what a person is all about. For others, self-reflection can be found right within your own home. Your living room can not only affect how comfortable you feel within your own home, but it can also give your guests and your family members what your life is like. Sometimes we associate so much with our possessions that they begin who we are as individuals! The way you decorate your home is obviously dependent on your taste and preferences, so it’s no surprise that our living spaces can give our guests an idea of who exactly we are. We look at how the characteristics of living room spaces and how your style’s unique features speak about you as a person. 


Furniture, the most obvious of all things that you could find a living room, definitely has an effect on how we present ourselves. We can describe our choices of furniture based on the same adjectives we would use for interior design style: chic, modern, minimalist, and much more. It’s important to find a balance between choosing practically and what exactly satisfies you. It’s easier to pick furniture you look when you describe yourself in ways you would with your own home. 


Color choice, above all, can say plenty about a person. Maybe you like the serene feelings you experience in a room full of blue. Maybe you find yourself ecstatic and excited when you walk into a room full of vibrancy, such as bright hues of red and yellow. Darker tones tend to make a person come across as edgy and more self-assured. Those who choose bright and busy colors tend to be more bold, bold in the sense that they live for the mess—and they’re completely okay with it! 

Focal Point

For most homeowners, the focal point is found wherever the television may be. If this is the case for your living room, it goes to show that you enjoy entertainment the most in this area, especially with your family. If your focal point lands on a table, this can depict that you are more interested in socializing with your family and guests as opposed to indulging in television time. With that being said, the arrangement of your living room furniture can say plenty about its purpose. 


Whether it be artwork, mirrors, or any other kind of wall decor, these items can definitely say plenty about you and how you go about your home life. Some living rooms tend to have more decor or finishing touches as opposed to others. When you have less living room accents, this can show that you are more minimal in style, enjoying the minimalist combination of colors, pieces, and finishing touches. When your living room is a bit more full of accents, this can reflect your interests, especially if you have an admiration for the arts. 

Rugs and Carpets

The thickness, colors, and texture of your carpets can also say a lot about you and your preferences in your living space. Shaggy and thicker rugs can speak on your behalf in regard to the business you attract in your life. Just as we mentioned with colors, some people are attracted to fulfilling schedules and home life. Free-spirited, one could go as far as saying! With a more thin and simple rug, this can show someone’s desire for perfection, keeping things simple so that they can reach their goals. 

Other Textiles 

In some people’s homes, you may notice other textiles such as throw blankets, throw rugs, additional sheets and bedding. This is where comfort comes into play. Especially for those who love to prepare for the winter in advance, some homeowners aim to make their homes feel as comfy and warm as possible with the help of thick blankets and sheets. For individuals who opt for less bedding and sheets, this may be due to the idea to keep space feeling more open and less claustrophobic. 

Personal Artifacts 

There’s nothing that speaks about a strong sense of self more than personal artifacts residing in your own home. One of the first things that your guest may notice when they walk into your home are the pieces of the furniture that speak directly about you. When someone has their personal items in their living room, it goes to show that they have plenty to say and that they have lived their life filled with memories. Additionally, this can show how someone reflects on those memories—by displaying a piece of themselves. 

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