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Finding Worth and Value in Your Old Household Items 

declutter concept on napkinMany homeowners eventually reach a point where specific household items or furniture they once adored no longer hold a status of importance. This is completely okay! It’s human nature to acquire new tastes and sometimes we tend to outgrow items that were near and dear to us. With this in mind, you might be quick to find ways to rid of your old furniture and home accents. This is where you have to pause on your home’s cleanup.

In many cases, homeowners tend to overlook the value of items they own, some that are rather old, and have a reputation as a “collector’s item.” It’s important to really consider what you’re planning on giving away and how much an interested buyer may offer. We discuss some popular home items that might help you earn a little extra cash on the side. Once you’ve cleared your home of old, unwanted furniture, visit National Furniture Liquidators to find beautiful, brand new pieces of furniture to fill your newly acquired space! 


Some people hold these vintage machines close to their hearts, others not so much. Perhaps you have a few old typewriters taking up storage space in the closet or in the cupboard under the stairs. But did you know original typewriters have made a big comeback? It’s true! Typewriters are a hot item for collectors or for those who have a style influenced by retro tastes. Some antique typewriters sell online in the thousands! Depending on the brand of your typewriter, how old it is, and its working condition, you could get this antique off of your hands for a fair amount. 

Perfumes and Colognes

This may seem odd but a handful of perfumes and colognes are being hunted down due to one simple fact: some of them are no longer being manufactured. Believe it or not, there are auctions that are held strictly for perfumes and colognes! If you have an old perfume handed down to you, you may want to do your research and see if yours counts as a valuable item. The material that holds the perfume may also be what people are auctioning for. This knowledge may come in handy if you’re clearing out an older relative’s home or prepping it for an estate sale. 

Retro Video Games 

While you may simply see old video games lying around your house as clutter, there are eager buyers out there looking for these retro classics. Even if these video games no longer work, it is still very likely that you can find someone to take it off your hands for some cash. Old working games can range anywhere from $600 to $2,500 depending on the game, the year it was made, and the console it can be played on. If you find a box full of Saga, Nintendo, or Atari games in your attic, then it might be a good idea to list them on eBay!

Land Deeds 

Land deeds represent significance and status. If you have a land deed, your property may have some history to it you might not even be aware of. These pieces of proof are usually passed down from generation to generation. In fact, they can be considered a family treasure! Land deeds that come from war heroes or veterans tend to be some of the most valuable. With that being said, you may want to scroll through a list of names in your deed, if you happen to find one!

Furniture Made in the 1980s and 1990s

Just as we mentioned with old video games and classic typewriters, antique home decor and old items are admired by many. The newer generations of homeowners seek comfort and nostalgia in furniture that reminds them of their childhood. With that being said, it may be no surprise if you have homeowners asking about your old furniture and providing a number they’re willing to take it for. Once your old furniture has a new home, you’ll be able to fill the space with brand new pieces from National Furniture Liquidators!

Vintage Cookbooks 

It’s important to closely analyze the cookbooks that have been handed down to you. Similar to some perfumes that are no longer manufactured, some cookbooks go out of print, making them even more valuable than ever before. Celebrity chefs are always in demand, especially those who have been in the culinary arts industry for most of their lives. Taking a closer look at the edition and the year of your cookbook can call for a great deal. 

Auto Parts 

Hood ornaments, car vases, and hubcaps are the most collected items when it comes to old car parts due to their decorative purposes. Old cars, especially those made and released in the ‘60s, are in high demand. Even if you only have some parts of an old vehicle, you can easily find someone that will put them to good use and offer a price you can’t pass up. Rare car parts can call up to $2,500.


Magazines, infamous headlines on newspapers, programs, and any items of that sort can be popular printed items. These items gain recognition if they reported or published on big events that occurred in history and pop culture, especially if they were low in stock. They can run for even higher numbers if they are in perfect condition. Even if they are fragile, you can sell rare prints to eager buyers almost anywhere. 

Complete Your Home with National Furniture Liquidators

Here at National Furniture Liquidators, we have professionals who know what exactly completes a home and what you can do without. Contact us today to learn more about the furniture and home items we offer our customers!

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