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Interior Design 101: Make the Most of Your Home’s Interior

Interior design of modern scandinavian apartment, living room 3d renderingBe it as simple as a new rug or an entire new bedroom set, the right piece of furniture can really tie a room together. But when it comes to finding the right furniture for your living room, bedroom, or office, you might feel as if you’ve taken on more than you can handle. But don’t fret! When it comes to furniture in Albuquerque, no one comes close to National Furniture Liquidators. We’re here to offer a few simple tips to help you reinvigorate your home’s layout. Don’t worry, it’s much easier than it seems! Before long, your home will look and feel like something out of an interior design magazine. So, let’s begin.

Interior design is all about, you guessed it, design! So whether you’re looking for a way to finally introduce throw pillows to your living room couch or it’s time to take your entire home to the next level, then we hope this blog post will provide a bit of inspiration. 

Color Scheme

Before you go purchase an entirely new bedroom set, it’s best to start off small and plan accordingly. Setting a new color scheme for your room doesn’t particularly mean repairing the walls or adding intricate designs. In fact, by simply following these tips, you’ll be able to add a touch of color (the right way) to any room in your home. Here’s the color scheme rule of thumb: 60% of the room should have a dominant color, 30% should have a  secondary color, and 10% should have an accent color. But what does this mean? 

Dominant and Secondary Colors

Although their names may sound a bit daunting, understanding dominant, secondary, and accent colors can be pretty simple. The dominant color is the main color that will be used for the majority of the furniture (60%). The dominant color can be used in different shades and hues, as well. This can create a more pleasant dynamic to the eye. So, if your dominant color is yellow, you don’t have to just use general yellow. You can have different pieces of furniture in alternate shades or hues of yellow, such as gold or honey. Make sure to stick to the 60% methodology. When it comes to interior design, you can consider painting your walls a dominant color but you should have the rest of the color scheme in mind before dipping the paintbrush in the bucket. If you’re unable to paint your home, then you can use the existing wall colors as your default dominant color. 

The secondary color should be similar to the dominant color, but not strictly the same. In general, secondary colors come to be when combining two primary colors so a secondary color for yellow could be green. Again, stick to the 30% process in order to create harmony between the colors.

Accent Colors

Accent colors are meant to draw attention but should only be used sparingly. So if your dominant and secondary colors are more subtle and restrained, the accent color can be bold and bright. But remember, don’t overdo it! A few bright throw pillows or even a plant potted in a bright planter can be enough. Following our previous example of yellow dominant and green secondary, the accent color could be a dark neutral color. Think of a beautiful wood stained end table for the living room or a dark throw blanket for the couch. 

There are countless colors out there and, even if you’re unable to paint the walls of your house, you can still use what you have at your disposal!

A Few Simple Interior Design Tips


Mirrors help to create the illusion of space and depth in many rooms. In order to create this illusion, place your mirror opposite a window. This way, you’ll be able to naturally reflect natural light within your room!


When it comes to finding the right rug for your home, you need to keep a few important things in mind. The size of the rug will directly affect the way you arrange the furniture in the room. Consider this when shopping for rugs! Also, if your living room is large, you can set up two rugs to create two specific areas in the room. If you have the space, or you don’t know what to do with the space allotted, you can peruse our furniture online and see if anything sparks some inspiration!


Adding artwork can be tricky, as it might be difficult to find pieces of art that go well together. You can go for classic art or choose more abstract options, it’s all up to you! Once you’re ready to hang your artwork, however, you need to make sure you hang the artwork at the right height. The bottom of the frame should only be three to eight inches above the furniture. If there’s too much space between the frame and the furniture, the eye will naturally rest on the void between, and no one wants that! 

Find the Right Furniture in Albuquerque, Today!

Now’s as good a time as any to finally let your interior decoration dreams run wild! Scroll through our website to take a gander at what we have to offer and, when you’re ready, come on by and see what we have to offer in person! 

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